Our Process

hatFrom green coffee sourcing to customer delivery we scrutinize every detail to ensure our coffee lives up to our meticulous standards; and to the quality our customers have come to trust and enjoy.

Coffee is the second-largest traded commodity in the world; oil being the first. There are two species of plants commonly cultivated called Arabica and Robusta. All the green coffee we purchase and roast is 100% certified organic arabica coffee that has been hand-picked for it’s superior quality. It takes approximately 4,000 hand-picked cherries to yield one pound of roasted coffee, a staggering statistic given the vast amount of coffee traded and consumed around the world. Buying organic coffee results in healthier farming communities and better tasting coffee. We carefully choose coffees from different regions of the world to offer a diverse range of delicious single-origin coffees; and to create blends which are complex and flavorful.

At Lariat we take great care to roast and cup each single-origin coffee individually prior to blending. This is an essential step to produce exceptional coffee. And it allows us to bring out the best each varietal has to offer, which in turn creates deeper flavor in the cup. There are many factors to consider when creating a roast profile for each single-origin coffee–moisture content of the bean, farm altitude, processing techniques and more. We take these into consideration along with the environmental variables on roast day–air temperature, barometric pressure and humidity, to make the necessary adjustments for the perfect roast.

Much intention and care goes into the proprietary blends we develop. We set out to create a blend with a specific goal in mind and we choose the coffees for each blend that will help us achieve that goal. Some blends are very complex and contain several different coffees, each taken to a different degree of roast. These proprietary blends are what set us apart from other coffee roasters and give our customers an array of outstanding coffees to choose from.

All customer orders (wholesale & retail) are fresh roasted in the order they are received. And timely shipment and/or delivery is a high priority. It is our goal to ship your order within 24 hours of roasting; in the quickest, most economical manner possible. We currently provide two shipping options for customer orders–FedEx Ground and USPS Priority Mail. Visit our tips page for more information about shipping guidelines.